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The industry's most popular roofing system is TPO,  which offers a white reflective surface that helps keep your commercial property cool.  Thermoplastic Polyolefin is designed to resist heat and chemical damage caused by the elements.  It truly is a revolutionary roofing material, and it's rapid growth in the market is a testament to its versatility.


Created to offer all the advantages of PVC without the limitations, the material also wound up offering an even better value, especially in the long run.  The chemical structure of TPO offers tremendous flexibility even in extreme cold, making it more hail and wind resistant than its PVC cousin.


TPO can also be heat welded, forming a single seam that prevents water leakage.  It's light, reflective coloring is heat resistant, offering some buildings an immediate 10%-20% reduction in heating and cooling costs.


At Elbert, we use two of the best TPO products available, Carlisle and GAF, giving our customers more options to meet their specific needs.


If you're ready to start your commercial roofing project and considering TPO, call our commercial division today at 855-4-ELBERT or use our Free Inspection form to contact us.

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