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With the right team behind you, this can be a pretty easy process.  Most commercial properties are covered under insurance policies that will pay for damage to buildings caused by storms.  We've been working with insurance companies for years to get claims completed, and we'll work with any insurance company.  Many insurance companies even recommend Elbert to their clients, knowing that the work will be done right and that we utilize industry best practices for our estimates.  Our inspectors are even trained in using the exact same estimating software over 80% of insurance companies use.


Making an insurance claim for roof, siding, gutter, or window damage is much like filing any other insurance claim.  The companies have many rules and procedures that direct the process.  Some policies cover the full replacement cost while others do not.  Thankfully, Elbert's commercial division is here to help you make sure you're getting everything your policy offers.


The first step is to send a written request to you insurance company, asking them to inspect and assess the damage to your property.  Of course, we'll be right there with you every step of the way, making sure your insurance adjuster understands everything that will go in to making the necessary repairs.


You will typically have a two-year window to make your insurance claim.  Please leave plenty of time for this process to run its course.  While we pledge to be on top of everything in our control, your insurance company may be inundated with claims, causing what can often be a reasonable process to take much longer and be much more difficult.


If you're ready to have Elbert's Commercial Division inspect your property and help you determine if you need to file an insurance claim, or if you already know you need to and you're just looking for the right contractor to take care of the work, call us today 855-4-ELBERT or use our Free Inspection Form to contact us today.



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