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At Elbert Construction, we understand that churches serve a special function in communities, and that they have particular needs.  We've worked with churches for years to provide the timely and affordable services that help keep congregations safe from the elements.


Church buildings often have steep roofs, multiple levels, and unusual intersections due to growth over time.  It takes a skilled contractor to plan and execute a strong strategy to make sure your roof won't leak.  At Elbert, we have the experienced designers and installation teams to take on even the most complicated jobs.


We treat your property with the respect it deserves.  We cover landscaping and can even cover common entryways to protect the congregation if you need to use the building while we're working.


If your building has a flat roof component, we can cover that, too.  We have a variety of options for making sure your roof sheds water the way it's meant to.


If your your church is looking to start a roofing, siding, gutter, or window project, contact our commercial division at 855-4-ELBERT or use our Free Commercial Inspection form.



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